Thank you to all of the Vinita Park residents who planted flowers to beautify their gardens. Thank you also goes out to Mary in Public Works and Alderman Celestine McGee, for planting flowers to beautify our city parks. Thank you to all of our Board of Alderman for working hard on several committees to keep our city beautiful, clean, and a safer place.

I appreciate your feedback on our Department of Public Safety and Management team. Your feedback and suggestions will be taken into consideration on decisions in moving our city forward. The working together of elected officials and residents is very rewarding and crucial to our city's success.

Midwest Bank Centre wants to help Vinita Park's residents improve our community by offering affordable home improvement loan to make needed home repairs. You are able to get a loan solution that fits your financial needs. Loans are available up to 100% tax assessed value or loan amounts as low as $500. Please contact Alex Fennoy at 314-631-5500 for more details.

Congratulations to Alderman Stokes for hosting a successful Senior Luncheon on May 10, 2012. We are looking forward to walking on the bike/walking trail to stay healthier and fit with the senior citizens of the community.

Thank you to all of our businesses who attended the business luncheon May 17th. Kevin Hall, from the Northwest Chamber of Commerce, was the guest speaker. Mr. Hall did an excellent job in giving our local businesses the information they needed in order to guarantee continued success. The feedback that we have received gives us hope that man of our local businesses will be expanding which guarantees more jobs for our residents. We are working very hard on the $10 million project to be completed by this fall.

Vinita Park continues our cooperative efforts to achieve efficiency with other cities in St. Louis County Initiate Innovative Cooperative Programs designed to improve service or save money. Performance management is one of the main focuses which include collecting data on police and fire responses. This is a way for us to not only save our residents money on taxes, but improve training in our law enforcement services and those who protect our safety during a tragedy. We are also, as a part of the initiate, considering joint bids for road resurfacing work to secure lower prices on materials thus saving the city money.

Last, but not least, I want to congratulate Beyond Housing and the 24:1 Initiative for receiving the Municipal Award for Community Collaboration from St. Louis County Municipal League. This award is accepted on behalf of the many Mayors and elected officials participating in the 24:1 Municipal Government Partnerships Committee every month. This committee is focused on generating benefits for 24:1 residents through municipal partnerships, collaborations, and information sharing.

Congratulations to all participants...

James W.  McGee

Mayor and City Administrator

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