Street Cleaning

Please obey the NO PARKING (1st Wednesday and Thursday) 7 am – 3 pm  signs located on each street. As a courtesy, we have been placing warning notices on vehicles in violation of these signs. We are no longer placing courtesy notices on vehicles. Court summons (tickets) will be issued to vehicles in violation. 

Spring Planting

Please remember to contact Missouri One Call System (Dig Rite) at 1-800-344-7483 before digging in your yard. 

Grass/Yard Waste

Yard waste pickup will be picked up weekly beginning August 1, 2014.  As we enter into another grass cutting season, please DO NOT put yard waste in the street or on the sidewalks. Please use the yard waste containers or brown waste bags. Please call Republic Services at 636-947-5959 for any questions or concerns.


We are reminding everyone to please recycle. Contact Public Works at 428-7373 if you do not have a recycle bin.

Dead Trees & Limbs

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure all dead trees and limbs are removed from their property. Please call Ameren-UE at 1-800-552-7583 if any limbs from your property are on electrical lines.

Reminder from Public Works

In an effort to keep our city clean and beautiful, it is sometimes necessary for our city inspector to issue Housing Code Violations. It is the inspector’s job to cite those who are in violation. This is not meant as an attack on our residents but as a firm reminder of that needs to be addressed by a resident in order to comply with our housing codes. Our inspector will work with you and may even extend your time frame to complete the necessary work. The work MUST still be completed. Failure to respond to your notice unfortunately results in an appointed court date. If this happens, the issue is out of the inspector's hands and into the courts which could result in possible fines and/or charges. So please, respond as soon as possible. 

Storm Drains

At the request of MSD, all of our storm water inlets have been marked as a reminder that only rain water should go in the drain. In years past, it was common practice for residents to sweep debris along the curb into the drains. Some went as far as to dump their waste oil. The new markers are there to remind us that what goes into these drains eventually ends up as our drinking water in our homes.


Gerald B. French

Public Works Director


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